American Brokers / Agents / Clients

American Brokers / Agents / Clients

Why You Need a Canadian Broker

The policy must be issued by a licensed Canadian insurer
The premium must be paid by the Canadian subsidiary directly to a licensed Canadian broker who, in turn, must pay the Canadian insurer.

Certificate Issuance

Most contracts require that Certificates of Insurance be issued on Canadian authorized insurance policies only. Your Canadian client will need issuance of Certificates to avoid delays.

Local Knowledge

A licensed Canadian broker can ensure that you deal only with licensed Canadian insurers. In Canada, insurance regulations vary from province to province. For example, some Provinces have government-run Auto coverage while others have set coverage minimums. A Canadian broker will be aware of these differences and know how to handle them.

if you are a U.S based Broker,Agent or client and need an Insurance Representative in Canada please contact our head office at 1-416-486-0951 and ask for Jason Jenkins.

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